US EPA. Collaboration is on-going on the validation of toxicity data (Dr. Ann M. Richard, National Center for Computational Toxicology) and development and use of chemical descriptors (Dr. Douglas Young and Dr. Todd Martin, National Risk Management Research Laboratory).

Dr. Ann M. Richard
National Center for Computational Toxicology (NCCT)
Office of Research & Development
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711
DSSTox Website:

Dr. Douglas Young & Dr. Todd Martin
Clean Processes Branch
National Risk Management Research Laboratory
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
26 W. Martin L. King Dr., MS 443
Cincinnati, OH 45268

CAESAR is furthermore collaborating with other EC Projects:
  • OSIRIS, providing data and models, used within the intelligent testing strategy under development within OSIRIS
  • CASCADE, on models for endocrine disruptors
  • CHEMOMENTUM, providing data and models, used to check automatic QSAR models under development within CHEMOMENTUM
  • CHEMPREDICT, providing data, used to develop models based on SMILES and InChI